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Friday, August 28, 2009


do u exactly knowing me?
maybe u think i'm a lil bit weird..haha :D
but, u know what? i love myself very much <3
that's the way I express my thankful to ALLAH by loving myself.
so here my testimonials;
nama: nur ain
d.o.b: 1st feb 
fav food: laksa, pizza, sume yg sedap :D ahakz.
fav drink: ice lemon tea, ice kacang.
love: arts!, colours, photos, n so on..
hate: liars, penFITNAH, org yg mengGELABAH(sumtimes it was me),
unloyal person, org yg x igt agama (ahha,alim la pulak:D)
ala.. banyak lg nk ditulis ni, tp xpe. TO BE CONTINUED :)

it was an OPEN DIARY.

hey there;
finally, i got my new BLOGSPOT :)
ahha! you got it.
nothing much to say here.
about blog? hurm..
it will need a time to update it.
dulu pernah la jugak ada blog ni,
time form 2 dulu. that time x ramai yg ade blog
but, i deleted it because it was making me at 'my own world'..haha.
bila dah lama2 tu.. i think, it is time for me to reconstruct
on my new blog when people asyik tanya2.

people; "weyh ain, kau xde blog ke?"
me; "ala, malaslah, tak payah ade blog pun boleh idup la"

tp tu dulu la, but now, i've change my mind.
maybe people out there rather say that i make this blog
when blogging activities is getting POPULAR..

nahh.. wtvr people said, i dont care. haha.
ape yg nk dikatakan di sini ialah..
sometimes, ada perkara yang kita boleh ckp terus terang to express our feelings about someone/something directly to them or to public,
but sometimes, kite x boleh.
soo.. this is the solution.
eventhough blog is an OPEN DIARY. --'
tp, sape kesah.
when i posting a new post,
maybe my opah yg ade kt kampung pun boleh tau ape yg cucu dia buat.
takk gitu? ahahah.

okay, that all for now tq :)

Thursday, August 27, 2009


malas vs lazy.
which one more dangerous?

sekadar perkongsian :)