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Friday, August 28, 2009


do u exactly knowing me?
maybe u think i'm a lil bit weird..haha :D
but, u know what? i love myself very much <3
that's the way I express my thankful to ALLAH by loving myself.
so here my testimonials;
nama: nur ain
d.o.b: 1st feb 
fav food: laksa, pizza, sume yg sedap :D ahakz.
fav drink: ice lemon tea, ice kacang.
love: arts!, colours, photos, n so on..
hate: liars, penFITNAH, org yg mengGELABAH(sumtimes it was me),
unloyal person, org yg x igt agama (ahha,alim la pulak:D)
ala.. banyak lg nk ditulis ni, tp xpe. TO BE CONTINUED :)

sekadar perkongsian :)